WHITE3D is your 3D orthodontic solution

Diorco WHITE3D is a 3D orthodontic software for digital 3d virtual setup, 
clear aligner, and indirect bonding tray design.
Files can be imported from Intraoral scanner and dental model scanner

The World's First Real-Time Collision Detection Technology


   • Progress bar type intuitive Ul makes anyone to easily operate the WHITE3D within 30 minutes
   • 5 minutes setup enables instant consultation and virtual setup


   • Dramatically shortens simulation and clear aligner design time by applying world’s first real-time collision detection technology.
   • Auto Align / Auto Push / Auto Contact function enables automatic tooth movement and real-time overlapped distance display

 | Auto Align (MX/MD)
   • Auto-align Maxilla and Mandible tooth arrangement based on template.

 | Auto Push

   • Automatically detects any collision with a neighboring tooth and pushes it away

 | Auto Contact

   • Automatically detects any collision and bounce off to get in contact with neighboring tooth.

Powerful Function

   • Provides powerful functions for data storage, diagnosis, consultation and appliance production

 | Data Storage
   • Patient Database
   • Mesh Edit | Create Model Base | Create Study Model

 | Diagnosis

   • Automatic Model Analysis (Tooth Width | Bolton Ratio | ALD)
   • Overlay Tools (Measurement | Symmetric Line | Grid)

 | Simulation and Consultation

   • 3D Setup (Multiple Setup, Multi-Layers)
   • 3D Animation
   • Superimposition

 | Appliance Production

   • Clear Aligner
   • IDB

Data Storage

 | Patient Database
   • Convenient drag & drop
     * Auto Repair mildly corrupted files
   • Efficient to work together using import / export function

 | Mesh Edit
   • Smooth | Push | Pull function to restore tooth

 | Create Model Base
   • Remove unnecessary parts and create spotless model base

 | Create Study Model
   • Study model for diagnosis

Analysis & Diagnosis

 | Automatic Model Analysis
   • Analysis Report is automatically generated after segmentation

     (Tooth Width | Bolton Ratio | ALD)

 | Overlay Tools
   • Provides various measuring tools for diagnosis 

     (Measurement | Symmetric Line | Grid)

Simulation and Consultation

 | Tooth Segmentation
   • Fast gingival line detection
   • Faster tooth segmentation (Under 5 seconds)

 | 3D Setup
   • Easy tooth position adjustment

   • Efficient tooth Extraction | Fixation | IPR Simulation

 | Multipule Setup
   • Various treatment method can be simulated

 | Multi Layers
   • Tooth movement can be set each step

 | 3D Animation

   • Teeth movement changes in animation

 | Superimposition

   • Compare before and after changes

 | Super Ceph

   • View Cephalogram and Model overlap

Appliance Production

 | Clear Aligner
   • The Models are created automatically by steps or one-step minimum movement amount

 | Attachment

   • Provides various adjustable attachments

 | Label

   • Can be attached on the model for printing

 | Auto Contact Check

   • When inspecting each steps, a collision between teeth is displayed automatically

 | Auto Step Update

   • Subsequent steps are automatically updated if intermediate step is adjusted.

 | IDB

   • Create model for indirect bonding jig

 | Auto Attachment

   • The bracket is attached to the tooth surface automatically



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